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Hot Water Cylinders

Hot Water Cylinders


All Coppersmiths Cylinders are suitable for use in open vented domestic plumbing systems. They are not suitable for use in unvented pressurised systems. There are two grades available - Grades 2 and 3. Grade 3 are intended for use in plumbing systems with a maximum head height of 10m and a maximum working pressure of 1.45 Bar (20 PSI), while Grade 2 cylinders are intended for use in systems with a maximum head height of 15m and maximum working pressure of 2.20 Bar (30 PSI). The latter are traditionally known as “40 pound cylinders”. This is because they are pressure tested to 40 PSI; however they should not go into service at this pressure. All Direct Cylinders are provided with 4 x 1" BSP female threaded connections as standard. Cylinders fitted with Coils (Indirect) include 2 x 1" BSP additional male threaded connections. Coils are made from 28mm diameter copper pipe and their lengths are dependent on the type and capacity of the cylinder. Very long coils are available on request (these are known as "rapid recovery"). Additional connections are available; the position and size of which should be specified at time of order. All cylinders are available with a high density polyurethane foam insulation which is factory applied to a standard thickness of 30mm.



  • Full Copper Construction
  • Grades 2 & 3 Available
  • 1” BSP Connections
  • Insulated or Un-Insulated
  • 28mm Coils
  • Rapid Recovery Coils on Request
Technical Details:  
Cylinder Material: Copper Sheet to BS EN 1653
Coil Material: Copper Tube to BS EN 1057
Brazing Alloys: Zinc Free Type 301 to BS EN 17672
Insulation Material: Isofoam SS 6364 E Polyurethane
Insulation Thickness: 30mm
Inlet/Outlet Connections: 1” Female Iron BSP
Coil Connections: 1” Male Iron BSP
Maximum Pressure Grade 3: 10 Meters Head (20 psi)
Maximum Pressure Grade 2: 15 Meters Head (30 psi)
Maximum Temperature: 90°C
Imperial Sizes:  
36” x 15” (900mm x 400mm): 19.3 Gallons (87.5 Litres)
30” x 18” (750mm x 450mm): 21.4 Gallons (97.2 Litres)
36” x 18” (900mm x 450mm): 27 Gallons (122.4 Litres)
42” x 18” (1050mm x 450mm): 31.7 Gallons (144.1 Litres)
48” x 18” (1200mm x 450mm): 36.7 Gallons (166.4 Litres)