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Pyramis Single Inset Sinks & Bowls

Pyramis Single Inset Sinks & Bowls

The versatile and comprehensive range of PYRAMIS stainless steel sinks and bowls reflects the differing lifestyles in every kitchen. Premium, Classic, or Essential series of kitchen sinks combine the highest quality and distinctive design offered at reasonable prices, covering the needs of the most demanding customers. They are made from Stainless steel which means they are; attractive, sparkling, timeless and easy to clean! PYRAMIS manufactures sinks using the latest technology and the best performance stainless steel material 18/10. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rust and is extremely hygienic. Sinks are heat resistant which is crucial for any kitchen sink material. This poses no problem to stainless steel which remains perfect and unblemished whilst other materials crack and peel. The sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are either sit-on or set-in type. Matching chopping boards, stainless steel baskets and waste sets are also available separately to suit each sink.. Please click on a product below for further information.


Eros (465mm x 435mm) Cronos (575mm x 505mm)
Kratos (610mm x 480mm) Titan (860mm x 500mm)
Helios (500mm x 510mm) Atlas (465mm x 405mm)
Perseus (170mm x 400mm) Hercules (340mm x 400mm)
Hermes (400mm x 400mm) Triton (500mm x 400mm)
Artemis (Ø450mm) Hades (Ø355mm)
Crius (Ø430mm) Athena (Ø485mm)
Zakynthos (Ø385mm) Crete (340mm x 400mm)
Mykonas (400mm x 400mm) Delos (450mm x 400mm)
Corfu (500mm x 400mm) Milos (260mm x 130mm)
Skyros (165mm x 290mm) Andros (240mm x 330mm)
Hydra (365mm x 335mm)