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Shower Line Multirail


Shower Line is a range of pre-packaged shower product incorporating bright packaging with installation instructions and bar coding. They are ideal for both the professional and DIY installers and provide the possibility of installing a visually attractive self-selection display for the merchant. The preformed sections of the Multirail system allows construction of “Corner”, “L shaped” & “Between Walls” shower curtain rails. The rails can be cut to length and each kit includes 2 off 900mm x 200mm bent rails, 1 off 500mm straight rail 24 slide hooks, 2 joiners, 2 wall support brackets, 2 ceiling supports and fixings. They are available in either a white or chrome plated finish.


  • Available in White & Chrome.
  • Suitable for “Corner”, “L Shaped” or “Between Walls” Shower Areas.
  • Supplied with shower curtain slider hooks.
  • Easy Installation
  • Wall/Ceiling Fixings included.
Technical Data:  
Shower Rail Material: Aluminium
Slider Hook Material: PVC
Shower Rail Finish:  White or Chrome Plated 
Rail Section: 24mm x 13mm
Aluminium Ceiling Support Length: 600mm
U Shape Max Dimensions: 900mm x 900mm
L Shaped Max Dimensions: 900mm x 1450mm
Between Walls Max Dimensions: 2000mm