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Shower Screen Seal


Shower Line is a range of pre-packaged shower product incorporating bright packaging with installation instructions and bar coding. They are ideal for both the professional and DIY installers and provide the possibility of installing a visually attractive self-selection display for the merchant. Excel Industries provides a complete range of washers and seals for shower areas. The Shower Screen Seals are cut to length and slid onto the bottom of the shower / bath screen where it comes on contact with the edge of the shower tray or bath. The flexible seal prevents water escaping from the sower area and also allows the screen to open and close.


  • Elegant Design
  • Silicon Rubber Seal
  • Prevents Water Damage
  • Quick to Install
  • Cut to Size
Technical Data:  
Rubber Seal Material: Silicon
Clip Material: Clear PVC
Colour: Translucent
Screen Clip on Thickness: 6mm
Clip Length: 900mm
Maximum Temperature: 85°C
Minimum Temperature: 5°C
Types: A, B, C & D (see PDF attached)