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Traditional Plastic Float Valves

Plastic Float Valves


Plastic Float Filling Valves are designed to fill and maintain the water level in WC cisterns and are available in either side or bottom entry versions. A float is connected to the long arm which is in turn connected to the valve body which either rises or falls depending on whether the cistern is emptying or filling. When the tank empties, the float falls and the arm which is connected to a Piston retracts from the diaphragm washer/seat of the valve causing the water to gush in. Conversely when the float rises; the piston slowly closes against the diaphragm/seat and shuts off the water supply.


  • Made of PVC
  • Bottom and side Entry Versions
  • Supplied High & Low Pressure Seats.
  • Adjustable Water Level Screw
  • ½” BSP Inlet Connection
  • Range of Spare Parts Available
Technical Data:  
Valve Material: PVC
Diaphragm Material: EPDM
Valve Inlet: ½” BSP
Low Pressure Seat Diameter: 6mm
High Pressure Seat Diameter: 3mm
Temperature Range: 5°C - 40°C
Thread Size: 5/16” BSW
Maximum Pressure: 10 Bar 
Minimum Pressure: 0.15 Bar