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Pan Connectors

Pan Connectors



A pan connector is a fitting that is used to make a joint between the soil pipe and a toilet pan. The connector features a rubber seal which when pushed over the outlet connection of the toilet pan deforms to make a tight seal, the opposite end is inserted into the soil pipe the rubber fins deform to make a tight seal against the soil pipe wall. A lubricating spray or washing up liquid should be used to assist the pan connector when being inserted into the pipe and on to the toilet pan.

There are many different types of pan connectors available from Excel Industries these include; straight pan connector, offset pan connector, short 90° pan connector, long 90° pan connector, 90° space saving pan connector, 14° pan connector, extension pieces and flxible pan connector. The flexible/extendable solves a number of connection issues such as it is no longer necessary to remove the pan to replace the evacuation pipe and it has a removable elastomer washer allowing replacement and has a flexible PVC tube with smooth inner wall for optimum outflow. The flexible connector will stretch up 22” (560mm), bends to virtually any direction and makes an easy job of connecting the toilet pan to the soil pipe.