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Excel Industries provide a complete range of white square section gutter, dowwnpipe and fittings. A gutter is basically a channel for collecting surface water and is fitted to the lower edge of a pitched roof. When installing any plastic guttering system allowances for expansion must be taken into account as the finished gutter will be exposed to constant temperature changes. The fall or gradient of the gutter should be approximately 1 in 600; facia brackets should be fitted along its length at 1 metre intervals. The gutter is then connected to the drain via a downpipe.

The rainwater range is made up of square section gutter with associated fittings and downpipes with associated fittings. The square gutter comes in 4 metre lengths and is installed using the following fittings; facia brackets, running outlets, 90° gutter angles, gutter unions, internal stop ends and external stop ends. The downpipe range consists of 4 metre lengths of downpipe, pipe clips, 92° offset bends, 112° offset bends, square branches, downpipe shoes, square hopper heads, downpipe connectors and round connectors.