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Waste Traps

Waste Trap



Excel Industries stock a vast range of waste pipes, connections, fittings and accessories suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Pipes are available in 3 colours black, grey and white. Excel Industries also stocks a wide range of Tubular Waste Traps made from high a quality white PVC material. A trap is a fitting or part of an appliance designed to retain a body of water thus preventing the passage of foul air from the waste pipe, they come in many different shapes and sizes.

The most common type of traps found are P-traps with a near horizontal outlet, the S-traps with a near vertical outlet and running traps which are fitted in a run of pipe. The P-traps & S-traps are available with 1¼” or 1½” waste connections and you can choose between two depths of seal 1½” or 3” depending on particular applications.

Other types of waste traps are available these include bottle traps, appliance traps, washing machine traps, pedestal traps, bath traps, flexible traps and shower traps. There are three different types of Bottle traps; telescopic inlet, anti vacuum or chrome plated they are available with two outlet sizes 1¼” or 1½” waste pipe connections, each has a seal depth of 3”. Flexible traps are bent into the required trap shape and the male end fit inside the waste pipe and should be sealed with silicone, they are available in two sizes 1¼” or 1½”. Shower traps complete with either a white or a chrome removable waste are available with 1½” waste connections and can have a seal depth of 19 or 50 mm. Appliance traps are available with 1½” waste pipe connections they have a seal dept of 3” and can have a single or double appliance inlet connection. A range of accessories such as outlet nuts and trap washers are also available.

Most domestic and commercial buildings are designed around a primary ventilated stack system. When choosing a particular fitting to suit your application it is import to follow the guidelines laid out in the relevant British and European Standards BS.EN 12056, these guidelines can be viewed in the members section of the web site.